- Loyalty Bonus: If the last gold order is no longer than 2 weeks ago, you get 3x more immediate resources

- Panzer Rush is an endless game: This means that the game will continue even if you are not logged in. So even while offline, units / bases can be attacked / destroyed by other players.

- Group Limit Extension: Increases the group limit by 1. The more group limit extensions on the map, the more expensive they will be on the map. On the home map they are cheaper

- Military office: Increases the military point maximum by 500. The more military offices on the map the more expensive they become on the map. On the home map they are cheaper

- Maximum buildings of other players can not be conquered

- Build Conquest Vehicle from Allied Aircraft Base: Allied player's air bases can be used to build a conquest vehicle for 250 gold, even if this air base is on a map where you are not yet. So you can help allies on maps where you are not yet.

- recover Maximum building: Maximum buildings that you lose in combat can be recovered elsewhere for every 1 gold per piece.

- Base Attack: If the base defense of a base is completely destroyed, then the base becomes ownerless. In the process, 50% of all production buildings are destroyed and all maximum buildings (if any) of this base explode. The previous owner of the base can (if available) restore the destroyed maximum buildings (power plant / military headquarters / base command) for 1 gold elsewhere.

- Conquest: To conquer a base you have to completely destroy the base defense beforehand. It can then be conquered with a conquest vehicle.

- Flak weapon and range upgrades: Can only be activated when no enemy is nearby, including disguised units or a non-owner base

- Pathfinding: Please note that the artificial intelligence of the units have their limitations. It can not read thoughts and may take a different route to the destination than you would have taken yourself.
Please note that the opposing players have the same pathfinding and therefore you are not at a disadvantage compared to other players.

- Newbase bases: Newbase bases (yellow on the minimap) can only be conquered by players who have less than 5 bases in the game (reserved for newbies) and who have conquered less than 10 bases in the current week.
Over time, they become normal bases and become attackable / conquerable for everyone.

- Welcome Back: If a player was inactive for several days, has only one base in total, is without alliance and returns to the game, he will automatically be assigned to the newest map and into an alliance who takes newcomers.

- Password:
NEVER pass on your password! (According to TnC 1.5 this is also not allowed)
- Choose the longest possible password consisting of a combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters and numbers.
- Avoid frequently used passwords, first names, last names, dates of birth or something like that in the password
- Do not use the same password anywhere else
- Make sure nobody gets access to your email account
The user is responsible for the security of his password (see TnC 1.3)
DITOGAMES will NEVER ask for your password.

- Upgrades: Observation tower, jammer tower, military office, group extension building and detector tower can not be recovered and can not be conquered by other players.

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